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he used fishing hooks to set a trap for his neighbor's dog chicago police said the man laid out fishing hooks and fishing line to injure his neighbor's dog. the owner found the dog howling and pain with hooks and its flesh. the owner says his neighbor has threatened to set the bear trap for the dog. the neighbor is charged with assault and cruelty to animals. police and northwest indiana need your help finding a robbery suspect. the took place in other 7-eleven store or the sixth at 3 in the morning. they have images of the man on surveillance video. approximately 270 lbs. wearing a white baseball cap at the time. >> breaking news out of california. the san diego mayor will resign as friday. providing the city council except steve mediation agreement. officials told cnn that it is still our understanding that his resignation as part of the deal that the city council needs to sign off on during the closed session. the news comes as an 18th accuser comes forward claiming that he made unwanted sexual advances. a man ousted as ceo for complaining about patronage says he is willing t
years. >> the hardest part to know is that somebody who is supposed to be serving and protecting us is taking a life from us >> he was heading to the casino with his girlfriend in the passenger seat and kids in the back when the road rage happened. the 23 year-old tossed a couple water out the window of his car hit his van... he opened fire... the driver was taken into custody... he is in the process of being fired. they want justice >> it is just wrong. he had no reason for doing what he did. he killed an innocent man. >> he was a good solid man >> the incident happened on his off day. he is being held in the jail. they're trying to figure out how to pay for a funeral >> some parents of children who will attend chicagos drake elementary school are on edge because of a fatal shooting. it happened in broad daylight >> 2 men were shot. one of those men was 54 years old and did not sure o fivevivervive >> it has been boiling up for the whole summer. >> the first day of classes' is weeks away. this area has been designated as a safe passage route for the walk to school. >> i take him ev
actions but it >> he could have shot me but he is not getting using the license plate number police track down and arrested. charged with felony child deduction and is being held. >> the three winning tickets are being sold in minnesota live with the details been folks are buzzing year in the northern suburbs as well as the communities. a lot of excitement about the winner here. the lucky winner right here and around the lake. through five of the six members. he or she will soon be collecting a check for $1 million. fo often i >> lucky winners. everybody is trying to figure about timely but harmony that. folks in generally excited that somebody in this community $1 million in these tough economic times. >> to million dollars is pretty good. a nationwide manhunt continued for the man accused of. the investigation in dallas after a man went on the fatal shooting spree. a warning to u.s. air with customers. they admit that there has been a security breach. israel has temporarily shut down the airport until further notice. the spokesperson would only say that the decision was made due to the
they walked. a lot of walker's tell us they wish it did not have to come to this. >> total energy it is life. this summer support during other people will go to what i have gone door, it is good to see a lot of people held a pit >> the clinic resuscitation is why the foundation canceled walks in seven cities next year. cutting the number of fund raisers in half. the decision comes after the organization suffer a backlash. reversed that decision but still continued to struggle. since the foundation was found they have invested more than $2 billion and not rich programs. >> she is definitely on my shoulder. she helped me make sure i go out and greet people. i do not want to walk on myself. >> this is my best friend. i've been walking since 2002. this is my 17th walk. while this is the end of chicago and many plan to travel to the cities where the walks will continue. participation has dropped 37% in the last four years. the walkers have to raise a minimum of $2,300 to participate. for a lot of people given the state of the economy they had trouble raising that amount. after 60 mi. east is, at
and teachers criticized the mayor's refusal to use the surplus tax increment financing or tif funds for the school's. they charged the mayor is using the surplus funds for corporate welfare >> the mayor insists tif financing will not in school budget problems. he looks to pension reform legislation in springfield as the answer >> the governor has until tomorrow to sign a bill increasing the speed limit on some rural illinois highways. legislature sent a bill to the governor back in may raising the limit to 70 mi. per hour. 34 other states including most of illinois neighbors already have that speed limit. proponents say the increase will help the trucking industry. opponents warn it would lead to increased fatalities. the governor has not indicated which way he will go >> some noticeable changes for a 55 year tradition as the annual air and water show wrapped up today. it attracted a little over 1.5 million people. that is a drop from last year when an estimated 2 million people attended. this year there was no participation from active military groups because of the sequester cubs.
options nearby. >> walgreen's has taken our grocery store away from us. they had neat and butchers and walgreen's took them away from us. now the closest store we have is further away >> this area is a food desert extensive retail research into the grocery industry with food options being a vital social is issued as a core retailing arm like this one could lead to lower quality of life lower length of life and debilitating disease >> this area has historical than an underserved neighborhoods. at least over the last 10-30 years to come not a lot of retail options-there are some of restores. i would say generally it's an underserved area in terms of healthy food options. so losing the store does not help that area >> this fire comes days after the mayor announced the number of living in tto deserts' has lessened by 20 percent. the fire is a setback along 79th streets, we can only choose healthy if we have access and the need to take two or three buses, every don't have a car or travel so very far, especially relative to all the very close on healthy food choices, it's going to m
that request, ahmad resigned. the mayor's office told us today, the wgn interview was canceled because questions about ahmad was not a previously agreed upon topic. the mayor's office insists they were satisfied with the vetting process of ahmad prior to his hiring. >> were going to do our own work to make sure nothing happened in chicago to violate the taxpayers trust. >> words to remember, considering ahmad was in charge of the city's purse strings and sat on the city's all important pension boards, which makes decisions on billions of dollars in city employee investments. >> in early july, we first tried to talk to the mayor about ahmad after a police officer blogged about the comptroller's troubles in ohio. when canceling our interview, the mayor's office said it doesn't respond to right wing bloggers. but the mayor's office has yet to produce records about the ahmad hiring that we requested in via freedom of information. >> gang gunfire outside a church and along a "safe passage" route in the uptown neighborhood leaves five people wounded. one of the victims is in critical conditi
on an increased incarceration. the office has so many inmates that they're paying to use more than 200 beds in downstate counties. it took prosecutors three trusts to convict a man of murdering a teenage co-worker. the defendants' lawyers are asking for a fourth trial. >> convicted of last spring. >> a friend admitted that he hit and killed carrot in the heat of an argument. >> they're charging three people in connection with a shooting in uptown. five people were injured on monday in what police called a gang-related shooting. the 46 were ealdorman tells the sun-times the investigators have quality footage from several cameras in that area. city officials are trying to put parents minds at ease. >> that when students can focus on the studies. five >> on behalf of men whose treatment could cause infertility. some of the samples were destroyed in april of last year. they claim northwestern failed to respond. they also question storing all the samples in one tank. northwest officials said they deeply regret the equipment malfunctioned. >> official tuscaroras for illinois high school students
. >> they used to do a good job. they've done a good maintenance in the village. >> signs are posted at water fountains across the village, the 18,000 residents impacted by the order that once again remains in effect through noon tomorrow. no word any other north shore municipalities are affected by this. as a precaution and as you might expect public works department up and down the north shore carefully monitoring the water but the issue is here. infants and children and people with weakened immune systems are the most susceptible. local businesses and especially restaurants are impacted by the ongoing order. some merchants have closed their doors. many others taking precaution and finding a way to stay open like the pizzeria, a major headache boiling hot water all day and night at but the resource for restaurant managers finding a way to do business. >> we can't use our machines, our eyes. cayenne sanitizer throughout the restaurant. we are boiling our water with water brought in to. >> there are some things you need to keep in mind. used only to boil the water. we used bottled wate
an appropriate response. one would be to use combat aircraft deployed in the middle east. no decisions have been made. the obama administration says they will wait for the united nations report. >> folks will call for immediate action jump in interest of that is not turn out well. texas placed in very difficult situations. can result of those getting drawn into a very expensive difficult and costly interventions that actually breed more resentment. it is not expect syria to corporate. he also said that under international law the united states cannot attack syria with the un mandate. >> from a psychiatrist is charged with opening fire. the jury began deliberations >> the 911 dispatcher lan server corporatlan server call. even offered to walk and talk with him to surrender. >> she is a true hero >> laden lunch break we're using a >> laden lunch break we're u[ female announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult
a conversation with her. they were so close and she's used to seeing him everyday. i don't know how but i'll have to figure out how. >> area and central detectives are working this case and because some of that damage was done on post office property, the federal post office inspector's office is now looking into this case as well. that is the latest out on the south side. >> a man who police say shot and killed his estranged wife and their young daughter before turning the gun on himself remains hospitalized tonight. dead are 28-year old kelly mariel coca and the couples' daughter, 5-year old karla valeria eguez. police say the husband, who neighbors identified as juan carlos eguez, was found on the floor of the basement in a home near 28th and kildare in the little village neighborhood. all three suffered gunshot wounds to the head, with the suspect so far surviving the attempted murder/suicide incident. >> it was kind of crazy. i guess he was in love with her. it was all in his head i guess. >> police say equez lives in miami and flew to chicago last night. the vehicle he rented at the airport
responding to a bank robbery this afternoon. three men, at least one of them armed, entered a u.s. bank branch demanding money. wgn's dan ponce is live in lansing with the latest developments. fortunately no gunshots fired during the robbery but to bank employees were injured. the fbi is handling the investigation and they released surveillance photos of the suspects and they are asking for help from the public. according to the fbi three men entered the bank branch at about 1:00 this afternoon in south suburban lansing. they wore hooded sweatshirts and cover their faces with bandanas or scarves. they're described as between 547 and 5 ft. 8 in. tall. at least one had a handgun and he jumped over the teller counter and demanded cash. no shots were fired by two bank employees suffered minor injuries during the confrontation. throughout the afternoon and evening fbi agents investigated. the bank was closed while witnesses talked to agents. the fbi did not say how much money the men escaped with. anyone with information should call the chicago fbi office and that number is at our website. t
of the facilities including a world- class track and field venue. before that had no jim the had to use the weight room down the block. now have a gym. before they have no music space, they now have a music space. >> also touted as a child goes to kindergarten this year will get a full day and thousands of preschool kids will see a full bid. a spokesman for mayor emmanuel says the city issued an administrative order that allows buildings to be torn down. inspectors have declared the field house on safe. several protesters were arrested saturday morning trying to stop the demolition they knew about a controversial government contract hovering over the major when they hired him as the city comptroller. pleaded not guilty yesterday to a kickback scheme. accused the money laundering is charged with improperly funneling a state contract to a bank after the bank hired one of his friends as a lobbyist. is hired in april 2011 and resigned last month. the illinois epa has issued an air pollution action de. expected to reach the orange or unhealthy for sensitive groups category. the groups include individua
to the restrooms. the chicago tribune is reporting that the attacker assaulted her. he used cocaine and he tried to stop her from escaping at one point. but when the woman heard her husband outside the bathroom door, she screamed for help. her husband, according to the tribune, chased the intruder out of the river north store with a baseball bat. he got away. joanne eder, chicago area resident: "that's terrifying to hear it's happening so close to where you shop and take your family." multiple hotels, a major shopping destination, and trump tower surround this little mom and pop bookshop, but locals say the neighborhood is changing. tourists walk up and down this block on east illinois all day long unaware that the homeless population is growing and the bad guys are becoming more brazen, they tell wgn. lucia malovany, area resident: "it's getting to the point that at night, after 8 o'clock, i feel i can't leave unaccompanied in the area." flalonder alexander, area worker: harry romejko, bookstore regular: "the days of thinking there are certain neighborhoods where you can be attacke
will help. >> we are about building relationships with the kids to make sure they're safe and trust us >> praying for safety... encouraging fathers to take their children to school >> back to school tomorrow, the entire district is back on one schedule except for charter schools >> the search for missing baby joshua summeries in a zion landfill ended at 5:30 this afternoon. the five-month old child's body has not been found. zion police say search and recovery efforts at the zion landfill have been terminated. for more than four days, law enforcement officers, aided by volunteers from the illinois and wisconsin national guard, combed through tons of refuse with specially trained cadaver search dogs. the area where the boy's remains were thought to be have been were meticulously cleared, with nothing found. at least 10 people were shot overnight in chicago including a west side teenager who later died from his wounds. it happened around 1230 in the morning. the 14 year-old boy was able to tell police he was standing outside in a vacant lot when he heard shots and felt pain. the unidenti
of a semi after the wreck in wadsworth near the wisocnsin border. state police tell us a box truck lost a wheel and side-swiped the semi. the semi then hit a median and a light police, which fell onto 3 cars. both trucks caught fire. five people taken to hospitals. fortunately, only minor injuries. traffic was backed up for over three hours. hundreds of regular chicago citizens are receiving special training to help protect chicago public school students as they walk to their new schools this year. about 250 people attending 'safe passage' training, which includes activities, practicing scenarios, and listening to guest speakers. another group of people begin monday, and training will take place throughout the school year. we have gang activity and different gangs and students killed over the summer. i feel like this is a very very important program. 600 'safe passage' workers will be ready to go on the first day of school, which is august 26. 83 year-old girl ran to neighbors to report her father's fatal shooting. we have more on this tonight. tough to believe. a young man shot and kil
and change moving forward is everyone's responsibility. >> all of us, it doesn't matter whether we're black or white, latino or native american. it doesn't matter whether we are straight or gay, we are one people, we are one family, we are one house. we all live in the same house. >> a march and anthem reminiscent of the scene five decades ago. a memory cher risched to this day. >> this day made everything we went through. it's a blessing. president obama and form irpresident clinton and carter will speak on wednesday to mark the exact anniversary. >> while thousands made the pilgramage to washington, many marked the historic moment right here. youth organizations joined the museum of african-american history as they hosted a reenactment of the march. it was to give young people a sense of what the march on august was like. mayor rahm emanuel was one of the guest speakers and he emphasized how important young people are to driving dr. king's vision home. >> this is a very difficult time in the city of chicago. the march on washington was about jobs and freedom. and education is a great equa
you leadoff and give you more responsibility. len: lined and caught. that will take us to the ninth. 11-6 washington. 11-6. side from the scoring a it -- nice night. j.d.: always fun to come to the win, lose or draw although we don't draw any more. one a few years ago. to start inst werth the ninth. high again, 2-0. missed about the same spot all three times. 3 now werth likes to swing 3-0. caused a problem last year in washington when he swung at a pitch. we will find out. j.d.: we will find out here. didn't even think about it. ball four. you know the book certain things you don't do in baseball ethics.of the written thistually ba back, not a manual they passed a lot of u talk to different baseball people and they have different interpretations. 3-0 to swing don't have a problem. people with a five-run ead you have no business babbseball. a 3-0 there is the unwritten back. you have to be ready. dejesus takes a strike, just his second plate games nce in the three since he was sent from the cubs to the nationals. that was for a player to be named later. those numbers pretty much a
at this point they tell us nobody is in custody. >> a 7 year-old boy is one of 33 shot over the weekend. he was shot last night on the city's west side he is alive but traumatized and afraid to leave the house. his mother says they had just returned from a picnic and her son was carrying a bicycle into the house when he was struck. he is the ninth child age 7 or under to be shot in chicago and less than two months. police are questioning a person of interesting connection to the shooting. >> some residents on chicago's south east side are looking for a new place to get fresh food after a neighborhood convenience store is destroyed by fire. firefighters took a couple of hours to get under control. nobody was injured but the building was destroyed. the devastation is felt by the owners of the store as well as family is in the neighborhood. some say they will miss the convenience. >> they had could produce good me and stuff like that that was the neighborhood store. >> the pirates comes days after the mayor announced that the number of those living in food deserts' have been reduced by 20 perc
and a place where the brain has been coming down in pockets, down to the south of us. the weekend forecast is coming up. also ahead, a south suburban mayor takes action after his police force walked off the job last weekend. fix up the mall or else. a judge decides whether to give a mall owner time make safety improvements. and who's stencilling the stanley cup around the city? with hotwire's low prices, we can afford to take more trips this year. hit the beach in florida. and a reunion in seattle. when hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them... so we got our four-star hotels for half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure. folks have suffered from frequent
as cans of soda and bottled water. >> huge pots were constantly boiling in the kitchen. boil water or use bottled water for drinking cooking it ceteretc. >> it or making sure all the children in the schools were drinking from bottled water. >> residents are hoping that any water that they drank before 3:00 p.m. does not make them sick. >> i am packing bottled water for them. >> no reports of illness yet but you need to look out for diarrhea and nausea and headaches and cramps. if you want more information you can visit our web site. >> 84 year-old girl is recovering after she was wounded in a drive-by shooting on the northwest side. >> she is at the children's hospital resting in recovering from a gunshot wound. police continue to look for the people responsible. as she was taken away by ambulance police began their investigation. the bullet and vehicle she was writing and was near a convenience store in irving a car pulled up alongside them and a gunman opened fire. but for year-old was shot in the thigh and her brother was also hit. it was a case of mistaken identity. both young men wer
by local tradesmen using reclaimed wood from storm- damaged trees. the walls of the inn feature straw-bale construction, an old but remarkably efficient insullator. the earth- and-plaster finish on the cottages uses clay harvested on-site. it's a very, very durable material and it's obviously plentiful. we just dug a hole up right next to where the cottage was going to go and that was our material that we used. a living roof of native vegitation puts the west-end cottage in perfect harmony with the landscape providing natural insulation. the whole concept is to feature natural building materials and techniques and to show how it can be beautiful, functional, and comfortable for people. it's a passion for nature and for beauty in a place that's come to be known as the valley of the arts. theres more cruisin adventures to come. hear the astonishing story of a german settler who walked all the way from pennsylvania to build a historic town near st. louis. its a story of unshakable determination and hope for a better life. one of the reasons they settled here was because of the stone in t
with features like pop-up play. lets you use any app while watching video. or use the s pen for hand-written notes. just $199.99. hurry in, sale ends august 11th. getting the best back to school deals. that's powerful. verizon. len: nasty stuff from pedro strop. scoreless eighth. the cardinals have no runs at all tonight. cardinals have not been doing a lot of winning lately so not many save opportunities for their closer edward mujica. check out the next the last line. two walks, 39 strikeouts. that is pretty remarkable. you look at the other stuff, too, but that is the really cool one. a quick of 0.09. of 0.09. len: a strike conor gillaspie. -- a strike on gillespie. craig squeezes for the out. jim: i have a problem with the glorification of the closer. they do it everywhere on the a jumbotron and he has his own music and all the fanfare. how come randy choate didn't get that when he came into the game? [laughter] one guy has his own theme music and video. everybody should get it. this all started with rick vaughn. len: "wild thing." up i dave mckay. by dave mckay. jim: great comma
for credit using your information, that something is wrong. to find out if you were impacted, go to patient notice dot org. there they have a number to call, and those at the call center can tell fairly quickly whether or not your personal information is at risk. if so, you can notify one of the three major credit bureaus. advocate has notified the federal health and human services department and its office of human rights, as well as the illinois attorney general. live in the newsroom randi belisomo wgn news day three of the search for a missing five-month-old and police now fearing it won't have a happy ending. wgn's dan ponce joins us live from zion tonight with what happened today. dan? it appears that this story will come to a conclusion tomorrow. police have scheduled a news conference for 10:00 a.m.. an officer says that we will know everything by the end of the news conference. they announced a news conference at 5:00 p.m. tonight and that means more than likely that it is bad news. now and the community is bracing for bad news. it has been three days since the suspicious disappeara
. fourth inning we were trailing 3-1 3-1, viciedo at the plate and home run. that put us up in a lead we trailed again. .he final totals sale the winner and albers takes his first loss. addison reed with his 30th save of the season. the next white sox telecast is tuesday night against the royals in kansas city. broadcast will be 7:00 p.m. then saturday august 31 away battle the red sox from fenway. 6:00 p.m. here on wgn tv. baseball was sox brought to you by xfinity. partner sitting in for and stone, our director our producer. so long, everybody. stay tuned because the wgn news is next. only degree antiperspirant has motionsense activated by your movement, the more you move the more it protects. ♪ do more. ♪ degree. it won't let you down. f-f-f-f-f-f-f. lac-lac-lac. he's an actor who's known for his voice. but his accident took that away. thankfully, he's got aflac. they're gonna give him cash to help pay his bills so he can just focus on getting better. we're taking it one day at a time. one day at a time. [ male announcer ] see how the duck's lessons are going at laura's
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Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)